1.OVEN FACTS-Always place the ovens shelves in position before lighting the oven, as they expand when hot, and are often difficult to move.
2.REMOVE FOOD FROM GLASS DISHES -Put a couple of tablespoons of dishwasher detergent in the dish and add hot water. Stir the solution and leave it overnight. By morning, the baked on food will have lifted right off the surface of the dish.
3.BAKED DISH TOPPINGS -Add some melted butter to paneer crumbs or bread crumbs and you will end up with a great topping for baked dishes, if you have run out of cheese.
4.GRILLING TEMPERATURE -If your charcoal is not the right temperature, your food will end up black on the outside and raw inside. Wait until your charcoal has turned white outside, then wait for 5 minutes before placing your meat on the grill.
5.BAKING IN GLASS -When using glass pans instead of metal for baking, reduce the oven temperature by 25F .
6.BAKING TEMPERATURES -Remember in most recipes, the baking time that is specified is merely a guideline, especially since oven temperatures vary from oven to oven. It's best to check your dish a few minutes before the stated time. Do not leave the oven door open for a long time or you'll lose a great deal of heat.
7.AVOID CAKE MESS -When frosting cakes, always anchor the bottom cake layer to the serving plate with a dab of frosting. That way, the cake won't slide here and there as you frost. It also helps keep a cake from sliding on its plate during transit.
8.CAKE LINING -If a cake recipe calls for flouring the baking pan, you can instead use a bit of the dry cake mix, and it will do the job.
9.BAKE CAKE-For best results in cake baking, allow the eggs, butter and milk to reach room temperature before mixing.
10.BAKING EVENLY -Turn the cake tin around between baking if the oven is not distribution even heat and the cake is baking unevenly.
11.BREAKING SODA LUMPS -Baking soda and powder can have little lumps in them that dont break apart or dissolve while baking. To prevent lumps in baked goods, measure them into a small sieve placed over other dry ingredients. Then push any lumps through the mesh.