Peda is a sweet which is said to be originated in Uttar Pradesh specifically Mathura.They are basically dough like sweets rolled in round shape and are made from khoya,sugar and few other ingredients to give it its distainct taste.Trust me nothink can beat a peda made from Khoya (mawa) but the following peda can still give it competition.

This was another sweet I made for Diwali this year.My DH had a Diwali party at work,and I made 50+ pedas for it.Its so easy to make that I was not even tired making these.

This entry comes under two main categories"Quick Simple Ideas" and "Microwave Food"
2 Cup milk powder
1 can condensed milk( 14 oz)
1 stick butter
1/4 tsp elaichi powder(cardamom powder)
5-8 drops kewra essence

Garnish Ideas
Pistachios slices
Almond Slices
Colored Sugar
Food Color

1.Take a deep microwave safe dish and melt the butter.
2.Mix milk powder,condensed milk,cardamom powder and kewra essence very well.
3.Heat the mix in a microwave on High for 3 minutes,ensuring that you take the mixture out after every minute and mix it.
4.After the 3 minute mark if the mix looks like its not to thick enough to shape pedas microwave it(nuke it) for another 30 seconds.
5.Let the mix cool for 2-3 minutes and then grease your palms and shape the mix in round shape.
6.For ease of serving you can put the pedas in cupcke liners as shown in picture below.
7.For can put a slice of pistachio or almond or a raisin on each peda.Another way to garnish it is sprinkling colored sugar on the pedas(you can find the colored sugar in baking aisle along with other cake decoration items.)

Sending this recipe to Srivalli from Cooking 4 All Seasons  for her event "365 days of Microwave Cooking " and also to Jagruti from Joy of Cooking for her sweet event Celebrate Sweeta-Peda.


Aiswarya.B said...

hi deepti...most of your recipes are mouth-watering..and they are easy to do..i love to try your recipes..Way to go gal :) Kudos for your great work :)

Nivedita Thadani said...

HI Deepti,
Its just superb! going to try this soon.

Hayley said...

Hi Deepti

Thank you very much for visiting me..and for the great entry too..peda looks droolworthy...mine are finished now thinking shall I grab yours:))

Happy to follow you..

Srivalli said...

Thanks for the contribution!