1.UNSTICK YOUR RICE -Adding a little lemon juice helps, and the correct measure--if the rice has been soaked, it is 1 cup rice to    11/2 cups water. If not soaked, it is 1 cup rice to 2 cups water. Cover it once it comes to a boil and cook over the lowest flame.
2.OLD NOODLES -Try rinsing the old noodles in water with vinegar in it.
3.CHEESY RICE -Put boiled rice in a serving dish, and pour a sauce made of onions and tomatoes over it. Then cover thickly with grated cheese.
4.RICE -For fluffier, whiter rice, add one teaspoon of lemon juice per liter of water. To add extra flavour and nutrition to rice, cook it in liquid reserved from cooking vegetables.
5.BREAD DOUGH -Yeast bread dough rises more rapidly at higher altitudes and has to be watched carefully. Should be allowed to rise only till doubled in bulk.
6.BREAD RISE -To help bread dough rise higher, heat a towel until it gets very warm and then wrap it around the bowls base.
7.BREAD MAKING -Yeast will last longer than the specified date printed on the packet if kept in the refrigerator, or even longer in the freezer, for up to a year. Bring to room temperature before using.
8.THE RIGHT NOODLES -For perfect noodles, add them to boiling water, then turn off the heat and let stand for 20 minutes. Noodles won't stick to the pan, won't overcook and there's no need to stir the pot.
9.UNSTICK YOUR NOODLES -If you add a lump of butter or a few teaspoons of cooking oil to the water while cooking rice, noodles or spaghetti, it will not boil over nor stick together.
10.LEFT OVER RICE -Refrigerate leftover cooked rice in a well-sealed container. Reheat cold rice with a sprinkling of water in a microwave oven or in a covered pot over low heat.
11.LONG GRAINED RICE -For long grain rice this is usually two parts liquid to one part rice; If you want firm separate grains, use slightly less water. Additional water makes the rice somewhat softer and stickier.
12.LEFT-OVER WATER -Don't throw away the water that paneer is kept in. This water can be used while making dough for rotis.
13.CHAPATIS -If you want to keep chapatis for a long period of time, use milk instead of water while making the dough.
14.DOSA SPREAD -To check if the griddle or tawa is hot enough before spreading dosa, sprinkle a little water over it. If it sizzles immediately, then the griddle is hot enough. Wipe with a clean rag, and then pour the dosa batter.
15.DOSA -To avoid the dosa from sticking to the tawa rub slices of onion on dosa tawa before spreading the batter.