1.ICING TROUBLE -To avoid the cream from becoming watery and for it to come out of the pipng bag easily; the cream has to be chilled before you start to beat it. A safe way is to place the container over ice. If cream is not chilled enough it will always curdle (and water separated will ooze out), and the rest will be buttery.
2.SOUR CREAM -Add a bit of lemon juice to fresh cream to make sour cream.
3.GARLIC BUTTER -For a quick recipe of garlic butter- just take plain butter and a couple of cloves of garlic and put them into a garlic press. Just give it a squeeze and you end up with perfectly soft garlic butter in a jiffy!
4.BUTTER IT RIGHT -If you need to bring butter to room temperature in a hurry, shred the butter in a grater. It will bring the temperature down.
5.ICING ON THE CAKE -To avoid your frosting from becoming hard and prevent it from cracking, just zap in a pinch of baking soda and it shall remain moist.
6.WHIPPED CREAM -While whipping cream never overdo it otherwise you will end up with butter. Always whip over a tray of iced water or ice cubes. Whip in sharp upward strokes till soft peaks form. Keep in refrigerator till used.
7.RUNNY ICING -To prevent icing from running off your cake, try dusting the surface lightly with cornstarch before icing.
8.SOUR CREAM -Sour cream can be made successfully by adding a little lemon juice to fresh cream.


Reshmi said...

Hi Deepti,

I was tired of repetitive failure in preparing a perfect frosting.. and now I know why it happened.. u have a very nice blog.. I love cakes and will surely try ur recipes..


Deepti Sidana said...

Glad to know that I could guide you somehow.Please do let me know how the cakes and frosting turned out.