Key to Primary Indian Spices and their Healing Properties-Part II

I will start this part of our education about spices with a quote from Jack Turner"Chemically, the qualities that make a spice a spice are its rare essential oils and oleoresins, highly volatile compounds that impart to the spices their flavor, aroma, and preservative properties"
 In this post I will discuss the following spices Cardamom,Cumin and Cloves.


Indian spices are like a dynasty ,just like black pepper is known as king of spices...cardamom is known as queen of spices.It holds a very important place in Indian cooking.
The key benefits of cardamom are-
  1.Cardamom is a key digestive and is used to treat stomach disorders.
  2.It is fragrant and has been used since ancient times as breath freshner.It refreshes the breath and soothes   the throat.
  3.It helps to prevent vomiting.


Cumin is used in the regional cooking and medecine in every part of India.It is such a versatile soice that it is used in street food and banquets .It is blended into drinks to provide cooling effects  against indigestion and protect against water borne stomach infections.The base of the digetive properties of cumin seeds lies in the toasted seeds.Although cumin has an inherently hot don't feel the heat in the taste.Cumin is believed to purify blood,stimulate digestive juicesand reduces nausea.
The key benefits of cumin are-
  1.Purifies blood and protect against stomach infections.
  2.It is easily digested and effective in relieving indigestion ,gas and flatulence.
  3.When cumin is infused in hot water,it is believed to provide relief against colds and fever.


In ancient ayurvedic texts clove is described as "the flowers of the heavens."Cloves are the unopened flower buds of the clove tree ,which are picked and dried in the sun.Cloves are known for their properties to combat acidity and purify blood.
The key benefits of cloves are-
  1.Cloves acts as stimulants and are aromatic.
  2.Their antiseptic action helps numb the digestive system and reduce gastric pain.
  3.Relieve colic.


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