Key to Primary Indian Spices and their Healing Properties-Part III

I wanted to share the benefits of spices and how they help us.I have shared knowledge of 6 different spices earlier and you can see it here and here.
I will start this post  with a quote from Hippocratus "Let thy kitchen be thy apothecary; and, Let foods be your medicine."


Coriander is such a vesatile spice that its leaves,seeds and even the roots are used in Indian cooking and medecine.It is a very popular culinary plant in india.Coriander is cooling in nature.Fresh corainder juice is used externally or internally to cure allergies,skin rashes and inflammation.The seeds when crushed,roasted a and infused in warm water are diuretic and increase the flow of urine.
The key benefits of coriander are-
  1.Aids digestion
  2.May reduce cholestrol and aid eyesight.

Fenugreek Seed

Feugreek seeds are prominent part of Indian food ,culture and medecine.It is a strong scented herb.The seeds are very rich in iron and are excellent in combating anemia in pre and post partum mothers.
The Key benenfits of fenugreek are-
  1.It is good for diabetics as it enhances the performance of insulin.
  2.It soothes persistent cough.
  3.Relieves flatulence and aids digestion.
  4.Both fenugreek seeds and leaves are cooling to the body.


Garlic is also known as "bulb of life" has been known for its medecinal properties for centuries in India.All parts of the plant are eaten;the seeds are sweet,stems have astringent quality,garlic crowns havesalinity,the leaves are bitter and the garlic bulbs are pungent.
Garlic is added to majority of Indian curries as it lends a good flavor and as with many other spices it has digestive qualities.
Key benefits of Garlic are-
  1.It was traditionally used for treating asthma,deafness,and congestion.
  2.It is a powerful detoxifier,rejuvenator, and cleanser for blood.
  3.Lowers cholestroland blood pressure,and relieves rheumatism.


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