Key to Primary Indian Spices and their Healing Properties-Part IV

Benjamin Franklin said "Much Virtue in Herbs, little in Men.”
If you had been following my preceding posts about Indian Spices and their healing properties,you will have known the benefits of each of them.In this post I will give you information about Dill,Fennel and Ginger.


Dill seeds play a specific role in medicine.Dill seeds are often eaten after a meal,since they enhance the secretion of digestive juices,cleanse the mouth,and reduce flatulence.
The key benefits of Dill are-
  1.An infusion of seeds and water relieves colic and hiccups.
  2.Dill seeds soothe the stomach by enhancing the secretion of digestive juices.
  3.Relieves colds and flu.

Fennel Seed

Fennel is part of every Indian household's medicine chest.There are several varieties of fennel in India.The seeds when infused in water are given to infants to relieve wheezing,asthma,and colic,and to adults to reduce fevers and indigestion.Fennel seeds are also taken after meals as they act as breath freshener.
The key benefits are-
  1.It combats diseases of the chest,spleen and kidney.
  2.It reduces heat in the body.
  3.It provides an excellent remedy for stomach and intestinal disorders.


This flavorful root has been used for centuries in Indian cuisine and medicine.Ginger has a hot,vibrant flavor and is an excellent aphrodisiac and digestive.It is good for rheumatism and relieves nausea.Chewing fresh ginger relieves sore throat and hoarseness.
The Key Benefits of ginger are-
  1.Combats cardiac disorders,since it has anti coagulant and anti cholestrol properties.
  2.Chewing fresh ginger cleanses the throat and tongue.
  3.Ginger tea warms the body and soothes fevers,motion sickness and nausea.


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From what I hear, raw ginger is also good for your immunity. We put a hunk in our morning green smoothie and drink up! mm.

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