Key to Primary Indian Spices and their Healing Properties-Part V

Mace and Nutmeg

The nutmeg is a spice native to Indonesia.Mace and nutmeg are two different spices from the same fruit.Nutmeg is the dried seed and mace the "cage" that surrounds the seed.Nutmeg is more aromatic,sweeter and more delicate than mace.
Key Benefits of Nutmeg and Mace are-
  1.Nutmeg relieves diarhhea and colic.
  2.Ground mace is used a s a remedy for rheumatism.


Did you know it takes 750,000 crocus flowers to produce one pund of saffron starnds.Ayurvedic doctors use saffron to treat all types of ailments such as fevers,melancholia etc.
Key Benefits of Saffron are-
  1.Antibacterial and used to treat digestive disorders.
  2.Effective in the treatment of liver,urinary and uterine dysfunction.

Star Anise

Star Anise has been used in Chinese and Indian medecine and cooking for centuries.Star anise is usually used together with ginger and clove to treat nausea and vomiting.It is also soothing to the stomach and is often used in cough medecines.
Key Benefits of Star Anise are-
  1.Aids digestion
  2.The oil is believed to relieve rheumatism
  3.Freshens the breath


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