Kulfi is a famous Indian Home made ice cream made without gelatin,cooking the milk in a heavy bottom pan for hours till it thickens.I remember my Mamiji making this kulfi specially for all of the kids when we were visiting her and believe me all of us kept on the portions the other one was getting.We were all about equality in division of kulfi (he he he).
Well I don't have the patience or the time to make the kulfi,but really do enjoy eating it in leisure.Imagine,sitting at home,in front of television with a bowl of yummy Mango kulfi.Well I know a certain someone(my DH) loves it.This recipe is a easy,shortcut recipe to making delicious Kesar Kulfi.

1 can (12 oz)evaporated milk
3/4 can mango pulp(preferably with kesar)
1 can(12 oz) sweetened condensed milk
1 tub(16 oz) whipped cream
12 oz Half and Half
1/4 tsp cardamom powder
Pisrachios 12

1.Whisk Evaporated milk,mango pulp,condensed milk,half and half ,whipped cream and cardamom powder together using electric beater or blender or just a plain old whisk.
2.Finely cut the Almonds and Pistachios finely but keep them aside.
3.Pour the kulfi mixture in an air tight container or kulfi mold.Mix the Almonds and Pistachios in the kulfi mixture.(One thing I have learned from experience,If you put the dry fruits in the kulfi mixture before pouring it in the containers they sink down to the bottom and the last scoop looks more like nut icecream with a little hint of mango,not the other way around.)
4.Put in the freezer to set keeping an eye and ear out for your kids and husband whenever they enter the kitchen or go near the fridge.They may just lick off the mixture and not wait for it to set.

1.If the mango pulp does not have saffron mixed in it,Take a few strands of saffron and soak then in 1-2 tsp of warm milk.Finally mix it with the Kulfi Mixture while mixing everything else.
Sending this wonderful and easy recipe to Akheela from Torview for her Event "Cold Desserts".


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